Level Sensors for Packaging Machines

The Packaging Industry gains every one’s attention in the recent years. There were huge changes which have taken place in the Packaging Industry which shows enormous growth and sets a benchmark. This industry needs high precision measurement operation. Sapcon provides the level sensor solution with updated technology for accurate readings.

Solution for different packaging machines

Juice & Pulp

For level measurement in juice packaging Elixir-T-Uni is validate solution which has smoother fork, ideal for hygienic application and for material which has tendency to stick Coat-Endure type level sensor suits perfectly as it has coating immunity.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

To prevent the material from overspilling use vibrating fork type level sensor Elixir-T-Uni which is calibration free and for high temperature use SLC with Probe Type: Part Ceramic.

Capacitance based Level Switch

Pickle is sticky material which can stick on the instrument and create coating. For small pouch filling Coat-Endure is justified solution as it has compact probe size where as SLA Series type level sensor can be calibrate from remote location.


Ketchup is more viscous as compare to other liquids and it can be stick easily on the tank or instrument which should be remove by Coat-Endure which is immune to coating of application material.

Admittance based Level Sensor

When detergent is filled in the tank it will start making foam on the surface of the liquid. Elixir-T-Uni is recommended for this type of applications as it completely ignore the material buildup.

Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Powders like cement, flour, spices etc. which is free flowing needs fast packaging so use Vital vibrating fork type level switch which has fast switching time.

Level Sensors for powders
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Vibrating Fork Level Sensor
Vibrating Fork Level Sensor

Vibrating forks works perfectly in packaging machines as they are compact and has fast switching.

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